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Accessing Networks on Windows

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What we are going to do now is have a look at how you can see the Network and Internet settings on a Windows computer. From the Home desktop, if you go to the bottom side here, it says start, click that go to Settings. And from the settings, you want the top right hand one, Network and Internet. So this is just really where we can see lots of settings about the computer, it will look at the network status. For example, this computer right now got a computer icon. And we have the worldwide web logo here. How is it connected while it's connected through an Ethernet on a private network? So this is just showing that this computer we are working on right now is connected through a cable straight onto the internet, it's not connected through WiFi. What you can do on here is you can look at down here show available networks, this will look at what networks are around you, what WiFi is there. So if you have got a home WiFi network, it will show on them.

But you will also probably be able to see your neighbours as well. But because they are all locked, you won't be able to access them. If you are working on a laptop and you are in an internet cafe, then that's the sort of place... Or a hotel, that's where you would find out what is available. So you can click on that and see what networks are available for you to log on to. Down here, there are the advanced settings. So be very careful if you are starting to adjust any of these, if you are not sure what you are doing, because generally speaking, all you really should worry about is this top half the advanced settings, you may find if you start changing some of those, you might find that things are not working as you planned when you are trying to connect to the internet. Just briefly over here, we can also look at here this is the status page we are on now. We can look at the Ethernet which is the cable side that is actually physically connected to the internet. Also here, just we will look at this section here VPN. Now we have covered this in a separate video.

But the VPN is how we would physically connect this computer to a virtual private network. And here we can just add a connection. And this is like a direct connection between you and another network. So for example, if you are working at home and you want to directly connect with your work computer and you don't want other people to be able to access your data, it's a good safe way of doing it, you can connect a virtual private network and to do that you would literally just hit that pass and you would need to have all the settings from your employer or whoever's got the network at the other end. So that's pretty much the basics of the internet settings. To go back just hit the back arrow and we are back on this page. And then we can adjust any other settings we want to just by clicking the Network and Internet button again.