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How to check the file size on a windows computer

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What we are going to do now is look at how to check the file size on a Windows computer. So, what I have got on-screen now is we have opened up the file explorer and we are on the download section here, and you see all the files in here. Now, the quick way of finding out a file size, if you just hover over the item, it says what it is, this is an MP4 file, the size of it, 116 megabytes and the length.

Because it's a video file, it's telling us how long the actual video file is. So, that often is all the information we actually need. So, if you now look at something different, if we go down here, we can look at something different, this is a PDF file. You can see it's 1.02 megabytes and it says the date when it was modified. So, this was the 25th of January. Another way of finding out information is to look across the right-hand side, so as you are looking at the file here, there's more amount... It tells you what it is. So it is an Adobe document, a PDF file. And the far right-hand side, it says here, 1047 Kilobytes, so that's another way around and looking at the physical size of the file itself. So, looking back on this file at the top here, if you see the Windows file, the MP4 file, again, we got the kilobytes of data, this did exactly there. Another way of finding out the information is to right mouse click on it, and then you get a menu pop-up. Once the menu comes up at the very bottom, there are properties.

And then we have more information about that particular file. So here we can see the type of file is an MP4 file. We can say what it opens with, and we can change that if we want to, where it's located, it gives the exact location of where it is on the computer, the size of it, how much the size is actually used on the computer, and all the things like created date, modified and last time it was accessed. There are lots of other settings on this field here for finding more information out, but from an entry-level type file size requirements, this is pretty much all you need to do. Now, you will be able to tell when a file is really big or very small, and also to make sure that say, if you are emailing to somebody, you will know how big it is.

Learning Outcomes:
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