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If you are working from home, you do need to make sure you are comfortable. Now we will cover all the rules within display screens equipment and how to set things up in another video, but the first thing is the chair. Now, having a chair that is comfortable is absolutely the most important thing. And it might be all you have got at home is a fixed chair, maybe the dining room chair. These are okay, but if you are using them, you have got to make sure they are the right height and that they are in the right position and they are comfortable for you. But if not, you can get a hold of an office-type chair fairly cheaply and this particular one here, you can adjust the height and the back and things like that on it, as well, so you can set yourself at exactly the right height, so your legs are in exactly the right position and it is a comfortable way of working.

Also underneath the desk, we have got a footstool, same as you would have in an office, so you can actually put your feet, just to make sure your legs stay at the right height, and you can adjust that. You can change the height of it in a position to make it more comfortable. Now, if you are using an office chair with wheels, onto the carpet, then what we have here is a mat underneath, so it makes it a lot easier. You are not getting a drag on the carpet. And if you are working from a bedroom, it might be the carpet is a lot longer and taller and sometimes that can jam the wheels. So just popping a mat down not only makes your life easier and you can move around easier, but also it protects the carpet in your home. If you are working from a dining room table, you can always put a mat over it. You get these from office stationery shops and they will protect the table and stop scratching it.