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We have spoken a lot about computers, but now to kind of briefly talk about mobile devices. Now what we are talking about here are smartphones and tablets. Now there are different brands you can get and they have different operating systems that work with them, so you have the Apple-based systems which are likes the iPad, the iPad Pro and the iPhone and you also have the Android type systems. So there are different versions, but they basically do the same thing. Now, within the phone side, this is the sort of thing you would have. This is Apple iPhone and with this, it has different memories to it, there is lots of features with it, but the advantage with it is I can access all my data from my phone. So it has got face ID on it, so the security is very good and I can access all the information on my tablets, but also on my Apple computers. So the phone's a simple way of accessing and also has the advantage of being a telephone.

Now, tablets work slightly differently. Now, this is the iPad, a standard iPad here. And with this, you can have separate add-ons, you can have keyboards that go with them, so rather than trying to put everything onto the display, you can just hook a normal keypad onto it and just type in your information here, or you can just tap on the screen directly. Now, with both of these devices, you need to make sure they are kept up-to-date and also make sure you got good security in accessing them. Many of them will have fingerprint or face ID, so that is very worth having, but also have a good standard password, have something that you can easily remember. Now, some of the Android devices, rather than a password, have a number sequence you can put on the front either by touching the pad or by just running your finger around in a certain sequence to actually come up with the code to unlock the phone.

So mobile devices are very good, they link very well with computers. You can share information very easily between them by sharing pictures and documents between the two of them. You can collect your emails on them and even if you are scanning through to your mobile phone, you can look at your emails on here and it will automatically update to your laptop or your computer, say you have read that email, so you can reply the email on here and it will store it on the servers. So if you are looking at having computers, it is a very good idea then to link your mobile phone into your account so that you can access all the information from two sources.