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Windows Filing System

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What we are going to do now is have a look at the way that Windows stores files and how you can build folders and move them around your computer. So this is the File Explorer. We have looked at this in previous ones, you can just get this by hitting the Windows key and the E button, or you can get it from down here with the Windows key at the bottom. So we have got different folders here, so what we are going to do is just try and arrange them a little bit better. So up here is a button that says New Folder, so we can click that and we can just change that name to say Folder... Let's call it Folder A. So we hit return, that's there. So this is where our main folder is. If we want to put something in that folder, so we are just going to take these two things here, so we say Test One, we can either hover over it and drag it and just drag it down. You see it's now over the Word Folder, we can let go and that's moved it from the downloads into Folder A.

So if we wanted to drag multiple files over, we can either hit the shift button and then click it on the left click, which will take a block or if we were to select them and we hit the Ctrl button, we can then select individual files that we want to drag. So what we are going to do now is take this test Folder One, so we are just going to literally drag it down into Folder A. So now, if we open up Folder A, you will see here are the two files and it may well be want to sort these further and you want to make sub-folders, you can make as many folders as you want. So maybe in this here, we are just going to have one and we are going to call it A. I'm going to have another folder and I'm going to call it B, I'm going to have another folder and we will call it C. So you can have as many folders in there as you want and if you want to put this one into Folder A, put this one into Folder C, we can do. You see if we click on that, it's in there. And again, if you want to, you can make extra folders there and we can have this as Folder D, for example.

So the whole way you can arrange it, you can make it as tidy as you want. If you are organising your personal stuff, you might have a folder for your banking, something for your house, but the folder for your house might have electricians, it might have receipts for equipment you have bought, all sorts of things. You can tidy things up really easily. So if we go back to the downloads folder, we have got Folder A here, we can then decide where we want to put that. So if we wanted to move that to another location, because it's always a good idea to keep your downloads section as empty as you can. So we can then take that and we can drag that and we can put it into our documents or on our desktop or any other folder that we have created on the computer. So it's just a matter of taking the folder, left mouse click, hold on to the folder and then move it somewhere else and that will put it somewhere else.

Now, if we wanted to copy it, but leave it in its original location, we do need to a right mouse click, pick copy and that will copy the file. So that's now copied it as Folder A and then we can put that somewhere else. So just for here, we are just going to open up the Zip folder, right mouse click and paste and now I have put the folder into there. So if you double click on it, you will see here's the A, B, C we had created earlier. Double click on C, it shows up where the D is.

Now, the final thing which I will show you within the folders and how you can make it look, is if we go back on to the downloads, you see these are all as individual lines of texts, along here with the information. In the bottom right-hand corner, you can change that, so you can make them more as icons. So here we have got the individual icons. So if you find this easier, it's another option for you. So here are all the folders that we have worked with here. So here is our Folder A, we looked at. So if we double-click on that, see the way the picture has changed and if we go down the bottom here, we can change that back to lines if we want. So it's up to you how you display them. But that's a quick, easy way of looking at creating folders, creating sub-folders and then moving them to a location on your computer.