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Connecting to the internet

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One of the first things you would do when you get a computer, whether it's a laptop or a desktop computer is to connect it to the internet. There are two main ways you can do it; the first one is hardwiring it directly into the router. So this is actually running a physical cable between your computer and the router. This is where the internet comes into your home or your business. This is done simply by inserting the cable into the socket on the back of the computer or into a conversion plug and also into the router and you are directly onto the internet because you have connected straight away.

The other way is connecting up using Wi-Fi. So what we are gonna do now is have a look at how to set up the internet. And on this example, we are using an Apple computer, but it is a very similar process for connecting up using a Windows computer. So what we are gonna do is we are gonna go along the top until we see this symbol here, which is the globally accepted Wi-Fi signal. So we are going to click on that, you will see all of the lists of different networks are here. If you don't see a network there if you look along to the right, there's a little button, and you can turn this on and off. This would turn the Wi-Fi on and off. So if you see here, we have turned it off, there were no networks available when we turn it on, they are there.

Now, you might have to wait a few seconds for all of the networks to come through. Now, these are all of the networks around where I am now. So what we are gonna do is go down to this one here, which is the ProTrainings guest Wi-Fi. So we just click on that and then a window pops up. This window here is where we need to enter the password. Now as far as the password for your internet, if you are in an internet cafe or you are at a work location, they will be telling you what that password is. Now some networks like internet cafes or hotels often don't have a password, you can just link straight in with it. But if they do have a password, they will either give you that password or you can ask for it.

If you had a home network, the password's often written on the back of the router or maybe when you have had the router supplied to you and the internet was put in, there's a card with the password written on that. It's worth saving that password somewhere safe, so you can give it out to someone else, or if you get another computer or a mobile phone or tablet, you can easily connect to the internet. So you are going to make sure you enter it incorrectly. Once you have entered it in, if you want to check it, you can click this box here that says, show you password, and it will tell you what the password is. This is pre-selected but it says, remember this network. So you only need to enter the password once and which makes it a lot easier. So next time you turn your computer on, you are already going to be connected to the internet. You click the button that says join, and what's then happening? You see the symbol up here is now changed from a very pale colour to a bright colour. And that if we click it, it shows the preferred network ProTrainings guests, which means I am now securely set onto the internet. So from here, I can now go onto a browser, and I can access any internet page that I want to.