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Downloading and installing a program

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It might be you want to download a program onto your computer from the Internet. So what we are going to do now is have a look at how to download another web browser program. So there are lots of them out there. Maybe you are a Windows machine using Edge and you want to download the program for an app running on your computer for Firefox. So Firefox is another search program that you can then access the Internet on. So what we got on here, we are just going to put in the black bar at the top here. We are on Safari as well, we are on a Mac currently, and we are going to put in here Firefox download. Now if there's a particular program, you are after a particular title, you will know what that is, or someone's asked you to do it, here just hit the Firefox download and see the web pages come up, and at the very top here, I've got exactly what I want, download Firefox. So I want to download this program onto my computer. So I click on that, it will then give me the opportunity to download it. So here's a little blue box, download Firefox. Now, when you are downloading any program onto your computer, you do need to make sure it's from a safe source. Now, I know that this download from Firefox is a safe one, and I know this is a safe website to work from. Be very careful about downloading any computer program onto your computer.

Because if you do download something that is corrupted or got a computer virus in it, you may find that it can affect your computer or stop it from working, or someone can access your personal data on the computer. So always be very careful when downloading. We can look at the top of the screen here, you see just next to the web address, there's a little padlock that will show that it's a secure website. But even with a secure website, do make sure that you're downloading a program that is safe, so be really careful about the programs you're not quite sure about. So what I'm going to do is download, so we have got the blue box here we are going to the mouse over the top, we are just going to click it, and then it's come up with this message, "Do you want to allow downloads from this website?" This is the security of the computer. I'm going to say, yes, I'm going to allow it. Saw that little icon just shot across the page, that is the program downloading into the downloads area on my computer. So what I can do is I can just go to the very bottom of the screen. I can look on the finder if you see it's on the right-hand side here. You see this little bar that's going across underneath the downloads file, that is the folder downloading. So this is the actual program downloading onto my computer.

You see how it's a roundabout a third of the way through. The other way of looking at that file is if you go along to the finder section, so just move to the bottom, go on to the finder. I'm in my downloads already, and then you can see here the Firefox program, and it's downloading. It's now at 50%. So what you need to do is you need to wait until the program has been fully downloaded. You won't be able to do anything with it until it's downloaded. The speed it takes to download will vary depending on your Internet connection, so if you've got a very fast Internet connection, this will come really, really quickly, if it's slow, it will take more time. There is nothing you can do to rush it, you just need to wait until the program is fully downloaded and then you can actually access it. So you see here, the bar now is around about at the 90% mark, also the top is this little X, if I did hit that, that would stop the download and then I can delete the folder if I wanted to, if I changed my mind, about downloading it. Once it's completely downloaded, you will see the images change, now it's a grey image on a white background and it says the title there.

So what I can do is just click on that, and that will open up a window where it's just checking the file, verifying what's actually been downloaded onto the computer. And you see this little bar going across there, the blue line is going to the far end, that's just making sure everything is all okay. It's now initiating it. And now because we are doing this on a Mac, slightly different from windows, we will look at those on another video. If you see, we have got the Firefox logo here and we have got the applications folder. Now we need to, we have downloaded this program from the Internet and we need to put it on to our computer. So all you do, go over the logo, click on the left side on your left mouse, pick it up, you see it's moved, drag it across and let go. That has now moved that program into the applications onto your main computer, so it now starts working. So you see it's popped up a window to say it's copying, it's got about another five seconds to go. The dong noise just tells us that the program has now been downloaded and it's now operational. So what I can now do is go onto the bottom here, onto the launch pad.

I just go into the right-hand side, there is Firefox, and I can click on that and the program will then open, you see it's now popped up on the bottom. And I'm getting this message here, it's another security message, I'm allowing it to ask and say open. It's just to confirm that your computer is just telling you, you're sure you want to open this app just in case you maybe change your mind, 'cause you're concerned about the security of it.

Now we have got the program it's downloaded you see it's at the bottom here, the screen here. I've got the whole page open, and what I can then do is type in where I want to go. So it's just picked up on here for YouTube. I want to go onto YouTube. I had to click there and I'm straight on.

The final thing you can do with it, if you just shrink that down, you will see this little folder here, this window still popped up, you can just hit the red button and get rid of it. And also, in the downloads folder, you just see there's this download icon because we have now used it, you can just get rid of that, so just click on that and move it to the bin, and that's then gone. The program is still here, you can access it there, you can go on the Internet and you can now search with a different type of program to access the Internet.