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Populating your FaceBook account

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Now your Facebook page has been set up, the next thing is to start putting some information in there. So what we are going to do is have a look at the fields and the sorts of things you can add to your page. You can spend as much time as you want or little time with this, but have a look through, we are just going to show you some of the basic settings you can do. So initially you have got the main page, you can click this button up here, which will allow you to upload your picture, you can upload a picture on here. You can also add a cover photo, which is the picture at the back. So maybe you might want to have a different picture there. And then actually look down here, there is lots of different things you can add. So the first thing is, you can actually have a post on the Facebook itself. So what you can do there is just click on there, "Hi, this is my first post." And make any mistakes just type back and you can change those. And you can also add a picture if you wanted to and or emojis or anything like that, but we are just going to have a basic post to start with. We just click there. Therefore, that's my first post. If you wanted to change things about it, you can hit the button up here.

You can pin it, which would mean if you pin a post, it always appears at the top. It might be a video that you have done that is all about you and you want that always to show at the very top. If you are doing this for a workplace, you might have a promo video or something at the very top. But down here, you can also edit it, which means you can change the wording on it, you can also delete it, you can do all sorts of things within this setting. Other areas here, you might want to delete a post, so here, it's actually got the date of birth, we can change the date of birth setting to whether they show or not in the privacy settings, but maybe we don't want this on here. So if you literally hit the dots and we go up here and we are just going to move it to the bin, we want to get rid of it, so that is a pre-done post by Facebook as soon as you set up. You can take it out as well with that little icon that popped up on the corner.

Now, there is no profile set up on here on the start with, so what you can do is to start your profile and we will add a picture if you wanted to, you can do this and add the picture, but just to make it quick now what we are going to do is just go into edit profile. So here you can add the pictures that we just talked about earlier. You can talk about different areas, if you want to customise the intro, you can hit the Add button here. You can add your workplace, if you wanted to, so if you want to add here, the company where you work, what you do, when you started there. You can also decide if it's public or you can just be accessed to your friends if you wanted to, you can save that data. So it's come up invalid there because we have got a... You know, I have not put the details in. But there is lots of stuff you can do, you can add sports you are interested in, music, films, TV programmes, books, all sorts of other things within the Edit Profile. This is just something to go through at your leisure, have it see what you can add to it and you can change things as you want to.

You can also search profiles, you can archive information, you can look at other bits and pieces on there. Then on the left-hand side here is where you can also change things, so you can look at where you have lived, your can read contact informations, your relationships you are in, life events and all sorts of things. The friend section will show where all your friends are, so you can search for friends, you can do friends requests for people, you can find people. If you are requesting a friend of somebody, they will need to agree it, so you go through, you request a friend and if they accept it, then they are now on your friends list. You can also upload photos, you can upload videos as well, so you can start uploading different pictures of your holidays or your workplace or anything else you want and you can make stories. So there is lots of things you can do with Facebook, including all these down here, so there is videos that you have done, maybe a holiday video you wanna put in, check into a restaurant or a club or a concert you are at. So you see down this list there's loads and loads of different things.

So the best thing to do with Facebook is to, once you got it set up is to have a little play with it, have some pictures ready to upload, try and make your Facebook page interesting. The important things really are to make sure the security is safe because you want to make sure that only people who are watching your profile see your profile information, you want to actually do it. So what you can do is go up to the top here, the little headed symbol, which will be your picture, then go down to settings and privacy and from here, you can then check all the settings. So go down here is all the bits and pieces you can see there, so start with, you have got settings on here, you can change your details, the privacy one, loads of settings and it is really, really important to closely look at this. Who do you want to see the post you put on Facebook. Do you want everybody in the world to be able to see your date of birth? Probably not, so you can change that on here. You can change who can even see your posts, whether it's just with... You see here settings everyone public and you just hit the edit button and you can change that around from everybody to friends of friends or just friends. It depends how you want to set it, so once you have done all that, you can then keep your Facebook page nice and up-to-date and secure.