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When you are on video conferencing video meetings it is important that your video comes up correctly. So, there are a few things you can do to improve the quality of a video.

Now, the first thing will be your background and what we see often with people on videos is they have the lights behind them, because this typically is how their desk is set up. The problem is if you have the lights behind you, the cameras are going to be focusing on the light that is been given behind and you just become a silhouette. So people just cannot actually see your face correctly. All they can see is the brightness from that light behind. So if you are by a window simply by just turning through 90 or 180 degrees, you have got the wall behind you which makes it much much better.

There are some other things you can do within Zoom or other programmes themselves. So what we have got here is we have got the meeting. The reason it is as it is now we are filming green screen with us so you can see the green screen at the back and this is a light. So what we can do here is just pop this whole video on full screen, touch the green icon on the top and then go on to this cog symbol and then we can go down here to backgrounds and effects and there is a preview of what the film looks like. So, you can see here it is not a very good background. When we are using the main camera at the front that works absolutely perfectly but because we are now on the laptop camera, it does not look quite so good. So what you can do is blur it. So you often see this where people are working in an internet café, or in a busy office, they just blur the background. So if someone does walk behind them, people can see it but what they cannot do is see who that person is. But as you can see, it is still not a very good background there. So what you can also do with this is change the picture. So you put me here or you can stick me out in space or all sorts of other things so there are different backgrounds you can have according to what your needs are. But you can also upload videos as well. You can do lots of advanced stuff which is a bit more than what we want to do on this course.

We can tell the programme here whether we are on green screen but also you know change things and change effects. So select which one you want or put a different one on. It's up to you if you want to remove it. Just hit the none and you go straight back to the original one. So we are going to stick with this one. Next thing is how you are in the picture. So what you do not want to do is have the whole video like this. You might want to you know some people you see that they are across so try and centralise it just so your head is exactly where it needs to be and so people can see you and make sure you are then square on the video that that's being shown in the screen. Once you are happy with that then you can just shut that window down and now your video is going to be you sat there presenting it from a beach or whatever setting you want and you are configured within the rectangle of the screen correctly.

Now if you were trying to do this for a company you may well want a plain coloured background or you may well have your own logo in the corner things like that but these are things more advanced settings you can do with zoom should you need to.