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Encrypting and protecting data

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In this video, we will look at the encrypting of data to protect it from fraud. Most of the time, you will not be aware that your data is being encrypted, but this is happening and it's very important. So what is data encryption? Data encryption is a security measure, and it works by making the information encoded so that it can only be accessed or decrypted by the user with the correct encryption key. Encrypted data is also known as ciphertext. The data appears to be scrambled or unreadable to a person or entity accessing it without permission. Encryption is a mathematical function that encodes data in such a way that only authorised users can access it. Encryption protects information stored on mobile and static devices and in transmission, and there are several different encryption options available. There are legal requirements of companies to encrypt data, and they can do this easily and cheaply. The General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR requires companies to implement measures to ensure that personal data is held securely, and one of these methods is data encryption. You will find that your data is encrypted, and you do not even realize it. An example of encryption is where data is stored on a computer server, the data needs to be safe and readable but secure, so no one else can access it without the correct key.

Data is also encrypted when it's being sent between two sources, like the computer that you are working on and the website you are communicating with. A good example of this is when you access your bank and send the data. If this data was not encrypted, there is a chance that someone could intercept the data and access your account.

Learning Outcomes:
  • EDSQ Unit 5 LO 14.2