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You set up your email account for getting emails from people you want to receive emails from, but there are times where you have unwanted emails you are receiving. Now, these might be people you want to just block or they could be just random emails coming from companies or computer-generated emails. Now where we have got junk emails coming through, these are also known as spam emails. Now, the junk emails that are coming into your inbox, sometimes the provider will filter them. If, for example, Google knows that emails coming from a certain IP address or the website address or from a particular provider or sender, if they are emails that Google classifies as spam or junk, then you will not even see them. They get blocked before they even get into your inbox.

The second-place they can end up is if you look on to your main Google Mail account, you will see that the inbox down here on the left if you open it up, there is a file here called spam. If you click on that, any spam emails that have come in will be listed there. Now, they are listed just in case something comes into your spam folder and you are not sure whether you want it or not, after 30 days, they are just deleted. So it is always worth keeping a check on your spam folder because it may be you are expecting an email from a company and for whatever reason, sometimes those emails by mistake get put into spam. So always have a look in those folders. If you are using a program like iMail or Outlook to look at your emails, they will also have a little folder that is for junk or spam mail.

So down here, if you are happy that it is a piece of email you want, you can then move that from spam and you can always mark it as safe, so therefore it will stop happening again. And we will look at how you can do that shortly. If you just want to get rid of all the emails in your junk folder, then when there are emails there, there will be a button that you can just push, it just says delete all the junk out of your inbox.

You will be surprised to start with, this is a brand new email account we are looking at now, but it will not take long for your emails to get picked up and be used by people, and eventually you start getting more and more junk and spam emails. So if you want to adjust the settings, what you can do is go to the cog icon at the top, and this is with a Gmail account on the web, but there will be a similar setting if you are going through any other provider.

So now we have got all of the main email settings. So if we look at here, filtered and blocked addresses, if we just click on that, you will see here is what we have put in earlier, which means that any email that comes through from that, if it matches that exact address, we can say that we do not want to delete it, so if something has ended up in our spam folder and we want to make sure we always get it, we can also set up to say that we want to keep it.

So what you do is you create a new filter. We look at the email that has come in, so if we just call it So we are just saying that as a made-up email address. So that is the email, supposing this is your friend, for some reason their emails are ending up in your spam, then you can literally just hit the create a filter button and then you click the button that you want. So we can say, Never send it to spam. If it is something that you want, that is junk emails you are getting through from somebody or an organization or someone you do not want emails from, you can also just delete it. So you put a tick in there, if any emails come from there, we can instantly delete it. We can mark them as important, there is lots of other things we can do down here, but generally speaking, it is a very good way of setting to say that we either want to keep an email or we do not. So in this example, we are just going to say delete it.

So we create that, create that filter, and now it appears here. If you change your mind at a later date, you can go across to the right and you can delete it, or you can hit the edit button and that will open it up and you can re-edit what you have done. So if you want to change it from delete to never send to spam, in other words, it will appear in your inbox, we can update that filter and it has all been changed.

So these settings are useful for commercial junk emails that you get through from organizations you have probably not heard of, but also if you are getting abusive emails from someone you know, then this is an easy way of just blocking them so that as soon as they try and send an email to you, it will just get deleted so you never have to see or hear from that person again.

Learning Outcomes:
  • EDSQ Unit 5 LO 13.2