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What we are going to look at now are blogs. Now, blogs are another way of getting information from a company, but also, blogs are there for all sorts of different organisations, clubs, schools and people have their own personal blogs.

A blog is just generally an information where you can put posts up, pictures, video and all sorts of things about your hobby or your business and people can find information from them. They are searchable on Google. And what we are going to do now is just have a quick look at a blog just to show how you can get information from them.

So this is our company website and what we have is we have our blog built into our website. So you literally go along the top and you see an icon here, which just says "Blog", click that and you come up with the blog stories. So from here, we have got the main picture, which you can click and go straight to the post. You can also click this title at the top, which is, "Burns Kit", what is inside a burns kit. Here is just a preview of the information and also who has posted that and also the date it was posted.

Now, it is very important when you are looking through blogs and websites to look at the dates of information because if you are after something particular, maybe about regulatory type things, and if you look at something that is 10 years out of date, it is highly likely that you need to have a look at a different story.

So with these, you see the stories down there, they get older as they go through. So you can pan down the page and see any particular story there. But another way, if you want to search this particular page, so if we just go "Command" or "Control F", we can just put in there, "First Aid". And then as you see at the top here, there is quite a lot of results for first aid on this particular page and we can find them.

So the first one is in this first story on blogs, and you can literally hit the down arrow here and it will go to the next one and the down one again, or you can just pan down the page and you can see every single reference on the blogs regarding anything with the words "First Aid". You see here, again, the word "First Aid" popped up and we can look down here. Here we got Mike's course on Stewart First Aid, if you think, "Well, maybe that is what we are after." So what we can do then is to click the title and then that will take us straight to that particular story.

This particular one here is a video. You can see it has got a video icon because you have got the play button at the bottom. Along the bottom there, the other things, you can make it full screen by hitting the button on the right so you can watch it in full and if you want to get out of that, just hit "Escape" and it goes back to where it was.

The cog icon here will allow you to change the speed and the quality of the film, if it is... Some people prefer to watch stuff slightly slower or slightly faster, and the CC icon is whether there are subtitles attached to it. So with this one, you see there is English subtitles on the film as well. So you can literally go up there and you can select that, and then that has pre-set it so when it plays the video, it is playing it with subtitles as well.

So that is the video itself, but that could be a picture, it could be diagrams, it could be all sorts of things on there. And then we got the main body of the blog post so you can read about what the post is. So it gives a sort of summary of what is on the video. And then also, there might be some other messages here. And then the bottom, there is other areas where there is stories that might link directly to that story.

So something here on pet first aid. So in the course of the week here on family first aid. So there are different stories that the blogs have come up with which are linked to that. So it could be a good way of researching information on a blog and you watch another video, it takes you to another one.

Another thing you can do with blogs is leave replies to them. So if you have got questions you want to leave to the owner of the blog or comments, it may well be you have got a story about first aid in a football match or something that you wanted to add to it. So you can add the comments there, and now, they are often moderated, so you put the story on there and it might take a little bit time before it goes live, but then people can discuss and talk about it as well. So it is a good idea with blogs to try and engage and get more of a community going and if you have got a particular question, these are good ways around to finding it. So leaving replies on them works well.

You can also, if you want to, say you like this story and you want to share that on your social media, you can also click these buttons along here. Now, different websites will have different buttons, but you can share the story along any of the social media networks. So whether it be Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. And also, you have got an email button, and this will send an email to somebody. So it literally takes the link, puts it into an email, and then you can email that on to somebody.

And the final button here is the print button. So maybe that this story is really good and you wanna have a hard copy of it, you want to print it off, you could hit the button there and it will print off that blog story without having to print the entire screen and waste paper and it puts it into a really good format for you to actually start printing.

Finally, the little thing up here, this is also an arrow button. So what you can do is you can hit that and you can then go on to the next story. So this one is on serious bleeding and you see the format of it is very, very similar. This one is got a bit more text and then there is some other links to different videos on the system.