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How to share a photo from your iPhone

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One thing you might want to do is take pictures from your smartphone and get them onto your computer or send those pictures to somebody else. So what we are going to do now is have a look at how to do this. Now, what I'm using is an iPhone, but with Android phones, it works in a very similar way. So to start with, I'll just go here, open up the pictures and we got some pictures here, different pictures of some dogs, so you select the picture you want, so to do that, you hit the select button when you have done that, maybe I will send these two pictures here, you can select as many as you want, but just remember if you are texting them, it will be quite a lot of text messages going across, if it's an email, you might hit the maximum amount of size of the picture you can send to the person. So with this, you can then hit the send button, which is the bottom left-hand side, and then you will see the pictures pop up, see the one to the left does not have a tick in the corner, the one in the middle does and this one on the right here has a tick, so that's showing the two pictures we are going to be sending, now you can then select how you want to share those pictures and you can share them through AirDrop, AirDrop is a system with Apple.

So you can send it from one machine to the other just over the Internet, as long as they are connected up to the same WiFi network. So you can just literally send as many pictures as you like and put them on. So if you want to just transfer 20 pictures to your laptop is a very simple way of doing it, or you can send to someone else. The person receiving them has to have their AirDrop turned on and also have to be able to... Have to actually accept them, so you cannot just randomly send pictures to people without their consent.

Other things you can do with it is you can text it, you can email it to somebody, you can even put it on to things like Facebook directly from this page. So what we will do now is we are just going to send it by text message, so if we just hit the text button, that will then send it across. So if you know who the person is, is in this menu here, if not, just hit the message button and then the brand new text message will pop up at the top, you would just type their name and it will come up from the memory, you see the two pictures there, you can add an extra message at the bottom, so if you want to just type some text in here you can do, and then you can hit the send button, that will then send those text messages straight off to that person with the pictures and any message that you have put in there. Now it will take a few seconds to send because they are actually sending an image file so it won't be as instant as a normal text message, but it still will be within a few seconds.

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