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How to take a screen shot on an Apple computer

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You may be looking at a website and you want to take a screenshot of it. This will be like taking a digital picture of what you are seeing on the screen. Now, this will vary depending on whether you are using a Windows computer or you are using a MacBook or a Mac computer. Now, what we are doing now is using the Mac computer, so the commands we are going to be talking about now will only work on the Mac. They will not work on the Windows machine. We will look at mobile devices and things like that in another video. Now, here we are on the World Health Organisation website. So you have got different choices. Now, one would be if you just want to take a screenshot of everything that you are looking at on that screen. So what then it will do is that it will take a screenshot of everything within the parameters of the screen on your computer. And there is quite a simple way of doing it. You just push the Shift, the Command and the 3 buttons together, then you will hear, when you take that, if you have got the sound on, you will hear it making a photo type noise and a little image will pop up in the bottom here.

If you want to see that image, just go down to the bottom, pull out the Finder, and then you will see there the recent, it will be on there, and also the computer here it saved it onto your desktop. So if you click on that, if you just pan down a little bit, you will see the screenshot there. You can click on it. You can open it up and you can see what that image was. As you see there, we have got the exact picture of what we are were looking for on that website. You can then close that down. If you need to rename it, just touch on the keypad with two fingers. You can go down, hit the Rename, and you can put whatever you want to call the video. Just click on it to change it. I will just put WHO for this one just to show it is the World Health Organisation. That will then move it in alphabetical order and you will now see it appearing at the very bottom of the screen.

It might be you do not want to take a screenshot of the entire screen. You just want to take a screenshot of one part of it. So for example let us pan down the page here a little bit. And we just want to take a screenshot of this blue graphic here. So, with this, we push Shift, Command and 4. And as you see, there is a little icon that has popped up. And it moves. So it is a little black cross. If you slide that odd cross to where you want to just have the screenshot taken, so in this, we are just taking it to the top-left-hand corner, with a bit of white margin around it. So I can push then the left-hand side on the mouse, and I just drag it along and I see this grey box is appearing. So what I do then is set how I want it exactly, then I release, it has taken the picture. So again, what I am going to do now is go down to the Finder. I am going to look up here. It says screenshot. You can see this blue screenshot, double-click on it, and then I have got that image. And again, same as we did before, I can rename that image if I want.

The third way of doing an image is very similar to the last one. If you push Shift, Command and 5, what you will have there is a box pop-up. So you see on here, all the outside of this box is greyed out a little bit and the bit in the middle is much brighter. So what you can do is just go to the corner of the box and just push the left-hand side of the mouse and you can drag the box smaller or larger. You can change it, the shape of it. It is just another way of selecting an area. So if we just select the same as we did before, we can drag that along, so it is on the corner. We can drag the top down. So it says now we have got the image there and just let go on that one. And then if we just hit Return or Enter, the image has been created. So, again, just to see where that is. We go down to the bottom, to the Finder section, and you will see we have got the second screenshot image here in blue, which shows that we have taken that picture.

Now, with those pictures you have taken off of someone's website, you do need to be aware that if you are using them for commercial-type reasons and that, there is a possibility of copyright. So just be careful when you are taking any image off the internet because that image may well be owned by the company that has got it. But it is a great way of taking off text. It is a great way of copying information and storing it on the computer for use later on.