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Creating a YouTube channel

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One of the fun things about YouTube is not only can you see videos, but you can also upload videos yourself and create your own channel. It is quite a simple, easy process to do, so we are going to have a look at how to do the basics of it now.

So once you are logged in to YouTube, on the top right hand corner, you can click on the icon, and what it will do there is it says Create A Channel. So click that, and then that will then take you through to your initial page. Now here, you can upload a picture, you can also do that later on, put the name, so we are just going to have Fred Jones on this one, and we are going to create the channel.

Give it a few seconds or a few minutes or so, and then hit the refresh button, and then you will come up with the page like this. This is the initial page, so what we have got here is a basic page. We have got the F at the top there, you see if I highlight over it, there is a picture of a camera, what I can do then, is that I can click on that, and then I can upload my photo or an image or a logo or something like that. So you literally can just go on to the system here and you can change the picture. So here we can upload a photo of yourself, we can also have a banner, so if you want to do that, you hit the upload button there and that will select a banner to go across the top. This is something you can make or it might be another photo you have, and also you can add video watermarks if you need to.

Also on here, if we just go and that is the branding section, you can put information here under basic information, and here you can write your channel name, you can edit that with the pencil and just write a little bit about it. So if you are doing this for maybe a club you are in, you could just write about the club itself, you could change the name here, so instead of Fred Jones, we might call that Fred's Sports Club, and then down here, you can have our sports club, and then just put whatever you want right in there, the information.

Down here, to the URL or the address of the channel, so what you can do here is change that if you want to. This is the generic one that comes up, but you can change that to make it a little bit easier, but what you can also do here is copy the information. You can add links, so if you got a link to a website, you can put that in there as well, so just the description about it. This might be the website of your club, and there is lots of other information, you could have contact email and information you need.

Additionally on the top right-hand corner, there is also an option here for changing from dark theme, so always look for these little pop-ups because they are quite good in helping you understand and learn more and also customize your channel. So what I will do here is just close that off, and you see another one's popped up here and it is just there to guide you through the process.

Here, what it is asking is adding link to the website, so what we can do here is you just put our website and then what is the website here? So we can just put the website in the whole, and then once we have done that, we can then publish our channel, so we just hit the button on the top right. If there is any errors, it will come back with any errors and you will be able to see and edit those and we are straight on to it. All the information is saved on the system and we can change it. So what we can then do is move on to the next phase, which is uploading a video onto your YouTube channel.