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What we are going to do now is have a quick look at some peripheral items that you can add to your computer. Now, the first one is an external monitor. Now, maybe if you are using a desktop computer you have already got a monitor, but you can add more monitors. You could have two if you wanted to. If you have got a laptop and you are looking at the standard screen, you might want to connect up a second monitor as well. This can be a lot easier to view but also you can put some data on one screen and some on the other screen. Another item you might want to add are external data storage. So, these are simple cables that connect into the computer and you have a box and that is how you can store extra data. So it makes your computer memory much bigger but also how you can then do a backup.

Another popular piece of equipment that people add to their computer is a printer. Now, printers come in all shapes and sizes but basically they can either be hardwired into your computer, so literally a cable is running from the printer to your computer, or you have printers that work over the internet so your computer will connect to the printer through your Wi-Fi. This means you can have the printer in another room or another location and also there are no cables around, particularly if you are using a laptop you do not need to have any cables. You can be sitting on the sofa and then print a document off that is in another room.

There are various other items and much more technical items you can add to your computer but that is a little bit beyond the scope of this course. If you do have something you want to add then you need to either get some help or thoroughly read the instructions and also search the internet. There are loads and loads of answers on there of how to install things onto your computer.