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Uploading a video to YouTube

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Once you have created your YouTube channel, the next thing you can do is upload a video to your YouTube channel. This is a very simple process. From the main page here, all you do is go through to upload video, so click on that and you need to tell them where the actual video is, so we are going to select files and here, we will just look through on our downloads folder and we are looking here for the video file that we are going to add and what we are going to do is add this one here on pet first aid. And what is happening now, this is added it on, we need to put some information about it, so here we got the title of it. That's the title of the file, so you want to maybe make that a little bit more interesting because it's just all in lower case, so we might put learn about our pet first aid. We are going to take the word promo off of that, so it just looks a little bit tidier. In the description section, we can write a little bit there about what it is. We offer video online, pet first aid. We offer classroom courses, all the bits and pieces is sent through every pet, we are going to put the information there. If this is a video that you have done on your holiday, you might write about your holiday or things like that in there, but just put some basic information about the film.

Other things you do here, you can set playlist, so if you have got a personal account and it's something about education, another one's about holidays, another about work, you could have a different playlist. And these work very similar to when we talked before about folders. So here, we could have, if you have got lots of different training courses, we can have one about pet first aid and human first aid, or health and safety and things like that. The thumbnail we cannot change because the video has not been uploaded yet, so we need to wait for the video to upload before we can put the thumbnail. The thumbnail is the image that will appear when they come straight onto your channel.

Down here also, there are two sections, is it made for children or is it not? So it's not a child's video, this is a general video we have got on here, so we will leave that and then no, it's not made for children. And then under here, under the more settings, there are other settings you can do including putting tags in and things like that, but we are just looking at the basic functions at the minute. So what we will do now is move on to the next. And here we can do some other basic settings, so in this video, we are just going to keep this basic and not change any of those.

Again, you see the little blue window popped up, gives you any help you need. And then we are going to go onto the next field and this is where you need to decide what you are doing with that video. Do you want it to be publicly accessed by everybody? Do you want it to be a private video? Or unlisted is where you would just have a link and only people with that link can see the video. So if you just wanted to circulate a video around your friends, you can just send them the link and no one else would be able to access it.

What we are going to do with this one, we will just to make it public so everybody can actually see it. You can also schedule the video. What this will do now is we are going to just set it and it will go live once it's processed, but you can set the schedule button and then you can change the date and the time it's actually going to be going live. So what we will do here is we are going to just leave this on and publish it now. So we just hit this button to actually publish the video. And what you will see a few seconds later, this will come up, here's the link where we can watch the video and this icon here means we can copy the video. So we are just going to close that down and now you can see here is our channel, video's on there.

Now, we spoke about thumbnails early on. We may want to change that thumbnail. So what we can do then is hit the details button, open it up. So with the thumbnails, this was the original one. We got a better picture here on pet first aid, so we are going to have to stick with that video. We are not going to add it to any playlist or anything like that, we are just going to change the thumbnail, hit the Save button and now you see the picture has changed, so when we go back to our channel, the video image is completely different.

What you can then do is go up to the F section here, which is where your picture is, you can view your channel, that will come up with it and here's now the channel. What we can do then is you can click on the video and then you can play that video if you want and it's all about our pet first aid training courses. If you need to delete a video, you can do it. You can change that if you want, or you can adjust it, you can change any of those settings you want on there as well. And also you will be able to see from the video if you look down here, you will be able to see how many times the video has been played and also liked. You can share it, you can embed it into your website. There's lots and lots of things you can do within the videos, but they are a little bit more advanced than we are going to cover in this film.