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Sending emails to multiple recipients

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It may be when you're sending emails, you need to send the same email, but you need to send it to lots of different people. Let's suppose you're arranging a birthday party and you want to send an invite out to maybe 20 different people. What you can do with this is you can send the email out in two ways. One is what is called CC, which is a carbon copy, and the other one is BCC, which is a blind carbon copy. Now, the difference between the two of them is with carbon copy, everybody who receives the email will see everybody else's email, so all 20 people will be able to see the emails of everyone else.

A blind carbon copy won't do. The person who receives the email will only see it's been sent to them. All the other names will be hidden. Now, if you're a group of friends, this might not matter that everyone's seeing the email, or it might be you want these emails shared. But if you are maybe working in a work environment, you don't really want loads of emails being sent out. You wouldn't want to send your entire mailing list out to every single one of the people on the list.

There are also security issues with data protection that you need not to do that. So what we are going to do now is look at how you would send an email out. So on the screen, we just go onto the compose message, and on here, you've got the email address at the top, which we viewed on the previous video, and up here we have got CC and we have got BCC and if you click those letters, these fields will open up. So what we can do here is put the first email address in. So if we just go, just an email here, we can just push and that's the first e-mail it's going to. And then if we want them to go out so everyone can see the email, we could put the other ones here; and then we just hit return, and then we can go

Then you can hit the return button, you can also hit the space bar. They do exactly the same and it will pop up the email on there. Now, if we do this, that one email is going to go to all of those people so that the first person will see that the other two have had it and vice versa. If we wanted to make that as blind copies, we would need to put these emails lower down. So what we can do there is we can remove them, so we just take those out and we put them into the second line under the BCC. So here, it'll be and then we just hit the space to leave it there. And again it's on there. So that's how you would send it. You then put in the subject line, the body of the email and hit the send and the email will go out to those people.