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Compressing a File on Windows

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What we are going to do now is have a look at how to compress a file on Windows. Now a compressed file makes it much easier to send. So what we have got here is the Windows File Explorer. And we are going to just send these two files. So we have got Test 1 and Test 2. If you just wanted to send one, you just click on the one. But if you want to send two you can either, if you want to do a block of them, say, we want to do all of these files here and we hit the shift button that will highlight every single one. But if we want to do just one there and one here, you can also hit the ctrl and it will just take them one by one. So if we wanted to send Test 1, Test 2 and this file here, then you see we can select the ones we want, we don't have to do a complete block of them. So if here we are just going to send these one and two. In order to compress it, once we have highlighted them, the files we want to send, we need to right mouse click on it and the right mouse click will come up with another menu. And as we are compressing we need to send it to, so we click on the one that says Send to, we will hover over it and this other menu will drop.

And the one we want is compressed and we are actually zipping this folder up so it's a compressed zipped folder. So if we click on that, what it will do then is, it's creating a new folder, so we are just going to call this zip folder and then hit return to make it and then we have got the file. So we have now still got the Test 1 and Test 2 original folders there and we have now got a new folder that's been created called zipped folder. And that folder has got both those files inside it. Now that's then a folder we could then send out to somebody, if again we want to open it or if you receive any of these folders if you just take the folder and then you just double click on it, what will then happen is the folder will open up, you can see both those two documents are there. And what we can do also up here is extract all those files, click the button. So here it says where it's defaulted to be put. So we have got the folder where we can change it by hitting the Browse Folder button here. And then if we just hit the extract button, that will extract the folder out. So it takes a few seconds to actually extract it and then we can see the two files here, Test 1 and Test 2.