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Remote working and printing

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If you are working from home or you are working out and about, you may need to print stuff. Now, the first thing is, do you really need to print? A lot of people will print stuff off just for the sake of it, but there are times you do need to print stuff off, it may be you wanna print your calendar off, your to-do lists you have got in front of you, or there is something you really do need to concentrate on and write on. So if you are in an environment here like you are working from home, you may well have a conventional printer and this particular one here is a laser printer that is multi-sheet and does scanning and things like that as well, but if you have not bought a printer yet, then have a look at what you actually want that printer to do. It may be a good idea to have something which will auto-feed scans, if you did have some paperwork and you need to scan that back to the office, you can do it that nice and easy. If you have got a printer and you cannot scan, then there are loads of apps that you can use on your mobile phone and you can easily scan a document. With this, you just take a picture of it and it will resize it up, take the background off and produce a really good scanned copy that can go straight to the office.

I use that all the time for things like expenses where you just literally just put the receipt on your knee, take a picture of it and it takes all the background off and just sends off the receipt itself. So if you have a printer like that then just put that into your computer and use it wisely, but if you are out and about in hotels or actually in the car, there are other types of printers. The one that I use is a Canon printer. And what it's got on the back of it is a battery pack. So you can run mains-powered, but also it can run on the battery pack. So what I will do with this is I can just link it through to my mobile phone hotspot. So all of the printing from my mobile phone, from my tablet, or for my computer can do directly onto here, just takes a few seconds to link into the Wi-Fi network and then from there, you can go on to your computer and print documents, fairly quickly, it is a full-colour printer, I found it pretty successful in how it works and you can make those without adjustments on it, but it is very compact.

If you are travelling a lot, then this type of thing will be better than a mains-type printer that can easily get damaged, you have to put it in its cardboard box to travel with it. So this one here travels in this box, so we have got the spare paper in here, the mains charger and spare ink cartridges. It is always worth making sure you got spare ink because there is nothing worse than starting to need to print something and then find you have not got enough ink there. 

The other times we would use this if we want to set up remote working from an exhibition stand. Rather than take loads and loads of paperwork with us and price lists and bits and pieces like that, we could just set the printer up on the side and anyone can just literally going to their mobile phone or onto an iPad, push the Print button and print off what the customer actually wants rather than having loads and loads leaflets there and having paperwork that potentially could get damaged. So all we are then doing is just carrying plain paper and printing off exactly what we want. So mobile printing is something which is a nice easy way of solving the problem, but the other way you can do it if you are out and about in hotels, often they will have an area, a business centre, which will have a computer and printing facilities there as well and they will also have things like Wi-Fi print so you can literally just hook up to their printer and directly print your documents off. They sometimes charge you for that, so it is worth it to talk to reception first before you use it.