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Compressing a file on an apple computer

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If you have got multiple files, you want to compress them into one file, this is a little bit different than just putting them into a folder. By compressing files, you are keeping the same quality, but you are making them into a single file which can be then transferred over to somebody else and then they can click on it and open up that file and it puts it back to its original state. So, now what we are going to have to do is have a look on... This is an Apple Mac computer and just showing how the files are compressed. To start with, what we will do is we will just look at these two PowerPoints, so we can click on each one of the PowerPoints, then we can open up the menu and it says, "Compress" and all you do is hit the "Compress" button and then you see up at the top here, it says, "Archive Zip" now that is what the file is. The original files are still there and I can then change that to archive PowerPoint, PP archive, so I will change the name of it, no problem. Now, the other way when you are compressing the files, that went really, really quick, but if you have got bigger files, so for this example, what we will do is we are going to put these three documents here in a zip file. Again, call up the menu, when we hit the "Compress" button, a little window will pop up and you can see it just going along, it is only taking about 10 seconds to compress those files, but now they are compressed and they are up here as a zip file which is called Archive.

So, if you just look at that, we look at the physical size of it, it is one file, but you could see the size up the top here. And if we wanted to open that file, all we then do is hover over it, double click on it and then that will open up the file and now we have got a folder and inside that folder are the three files that we compressed. So, it is a very simple way around of taking files and compressing them into a single file and you can do this on a large scale and you can do this for archiving stuff away so you have got stuff in a single location should you need it on your computer at a later date.

Learning Outcomes:
  • EDSQ Unit 4 LO 11.5