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What is a URL

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The URL is a Uniform Resource Locator. As far as those words are concerned, you are just gonna hear them, but mainly what you are looking at is a web address. A web address is a simple address of how to find a website. And it is broken down into different sections. Now, there are two main types of web addresses. There are what is called HTTP and HTTPS. Now, the difference between the two of those is one is secure and one is not secure. Most websites now are all HTTPS. This gives a more secure platform to work with. So when you are entering a website address down, the full address of it if something would be something like https: //www.and the website you are going to. Now, what we are doing here is just that what we are talking about the whole web address because you will see that in your browser windows. But as far as when you are entering stuff onto your computer, you do not really need to worry about that. You can just go straight in with www. and the web address. Or you can just put the web address itself. You don't need to put the www in because your computer will know that and they will know what you are working with.

So what we are going to do now is just have a look at a simple web address. So we just go onto our website here. So if we have just put in the full address, it will be https: // If I also go in and just put, the same website will come up. But what I can also do to make it even easier, is just put and the website will come up there, as well. So there are three different ways of doing it. To make life easier, I would just go straight giving the website for what you are doing.

Now, you can also go directly to a page on a website. So this is going to the homepage on our website, but if I wanted to, I can go straight to a page as long as I know what it is. So sometimes you will see web addresses, which would be and a word. So what I will do now is I am just gonna add on to the end of there /courses. And what that is doing is it is taking me straight to the course page on our website. So with the website address there, it may be that someone sent you directly to something that is unique to them. So if you do want to go to a particular page, then you can give people that direct address. You'll see this with television adverts often, where they have their web address, that have /tv or /tv3. The reason they do that often is so that they can send you to a page, they can track where the actual lead has come from.

The other bit, just looking back on it, our web address is, but you will hear different versions of that, so you have got .UK. co. com .info and .org. These are all different variants. They are all unique. So within our website, you can type in,, or... What we have done is, we have set them up to all divert to the same one, but we keep our website nice and short, as much as we can. So makes it simpler. If you do enter a web address in, everything is not, so you need to look carefully at those letters and see what is what with them. When you are typing them, just be careful that you do not actually do, rather than a dot, because you will just get a reject on that page if you try to do that.