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Backing Up Your Windows Computer

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What we are going to do now is look at backing up Windows. Now, we have looked at earlier videos on how to back up the Apple Mac computers, and this is very similar, but things are called different things. So, in order to work out where to get to, go back to this start button, Windows icon, then up to the cog where it says Settings. So select the settings, and then we are doing updates and security. And down on the left here, you will see an option for backup. So if we click the backup option, this will then open up another screen, and this is where you can control your backups. So, if you are using a cloud-based system, because there are lots of different systems we have spoken on the earlier video, then you will have the options for backing up directly to the cloud, and you can just select these things to back up your entire computer or just files and folders within a certain area that you want to cover. If you have an external drive, then you may want to add it, so, here we have got the backup file history and a new drive, so if we click on that, it will just search your computer for any external drives. These are the drives that have physically been plugged in through a USB port or something like that.

So it will take a few seconds to scan the whole computer, and what it's done here is it's found a drive, T7 Touch F. It tells you on here how much data is free on it, and this is a drive that is being used as a back-up, as a restore back up, so it just keeps backing up. So it's fairly full, but we can use that, and if you want to select it, we just click on that, and then that will select that drive and we can use it. Now, if you want to look back on previous back-ups that you have had, you can go down here and click on here, and it will go back to restore old systems, so you can restore files that you have previously had. Now, this is what you are looking at, has not got any other backups down on this system, but you can see where you can change different settings within the backup side and also restore any other files. So, you can also down here, you can see file history and all sorts. So, have a good look through it, but also, when you are looking at anything to do with systems within Windows, there are also these question marks you will see.

These are the get help buttons, so if you click on those, it will then take you to the Windows support pages, and from there, you can find more information. So you can look at what's new in Windows and find that other information about previous older versions, and also, you can then do... Put search terms in there, so if you are not absolutely sure what to do or how to do something, then the Windows help pages are a really good source of information.