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Searching for images

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It might be you want to search for an image on a search engine like Google, there are millions of images out there and it's very easy to search for them. Can you see down at the bottom here we are on Google Chrome and we are straight on to Google. What we are going to do here is we are just going to search for something, so here we are just going to look at the Olympics, so we just type in here and we look at the Olympics and let's go here, "Olympics" as a search term.

When you get the Google page comes up, you will see on the right-hand side information about the 2021 Olympics, there are other things here on social media and other web pages, but if you can look right at the top, see it says here all, news and then images. So if we just click on the button that says images. It's now come up with a page that shows all the images that are there. As you see, this is just some of them here we got on this page, see there's loads and loads of pictures on here, and we just keep panning down. And as we pan down, see the bar on the right-hand side over here that's going.

So you see just for that one search term, millions and millions on there. Let's go back up to the top and we want to look at the picture of the Olympic flag here, we can click on it, it comes up in a larger size on the right-hand side, so we can see the picture. We can also see where that picture actually is, so if you want to go to the website where those pictures are on, we can click on it and see that. But also we can just click on the image and here we can have a different option, so we can copy the link of where that image is, so if we do that, you can just email that link to somebody and they can see the same image, or we can save the image as.

If we do that, we'll just click on here, Save Image As then a window pops up, and we are just going to call that flag, so just tick here flag. And it's saving on to our desktop, we can save it wherever you like. It may be you have a folder that you want to save it into but will do this instance here, we are just going to save it on to our desktop if we just hit save. And you see now down at the bottom here, the image is saved, if we just click on that, the images come up, we have now got the image on the screen, so we can use that image however we need to.

Now, a really important thing about images, now the images, you'll find on the internet are owned by somebody, there is copyright on those images, so you need to be very careful when using those images because someone owns them. If you were to take an image from someone's website, and then you use it then for commercial reasons or any reason that it is in breach of the copyright, you can be sued for it and you can get fined for using that image. So be really careful. And if it's just something you're using then it may well be allowed, but also the reason you can go to the website associated with that image is you can see whether you can see any copyright issues with that particular image. Now, what we would do in this search was pictures of the Olympics is highly likely that all of those pictures that are coming up on the screen there are actually owned by somebody, so you need to be very careful if you are using any image on the Internet, particularly if you're using it and putting on your website, you cannot just take an image from one website and put it on to yours, or in social media and things like that, you need to be really careful.

So do your research, have a look at where the images come from, is there any copyright with that image? Or if you are going to be using it on something, you may well have to contact the owner of the image, and then you can ask them for permission to actually use it on your website or whatever you are going to be using it for.

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