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Installing a printer

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If you are installing a printer, then these are very straight forward things to do. And we cannot, on this course, tell you how to install the printer that you buy because there is just so many of them, and they all have different ways to set up. But all printers when they come, when you lift them out of the box, usually the very top sheet of paper you will see is a quick start guide. And you need to follow this through to literally start at the top and work your way down. Do not just go plugging it in and hoping it is all going to work okay, because it probably would not if you do that. So read the instructions carefully. Some things you need to do is unpack it out of the box correctly, make sure all the leads are clear, and any leads that are there, you have undone them. You need to make sure that the main leads are connected properly.

You also need to install the ink cartridges. Again, these are... Cartridge actually produce the ink. This usually depends on the printer, there might be two, there might be one or three, and these are installed into the printer. They are normally in the sealed packet, you need to open them. But again, read the instructions that come with the particular printer you have, because it will be different. And there is usually some kind of guard you need to remove from the cartridge. So you do not want to be installing it with that guard on. When you are installing the cartridges into your printer, they should just go nice and easily. So no hitting them or forcing them in, because if you are doing that, you have probably put in the wrong one into the wrong hole, or you have left some kind of packaging on the ink cartridge itself.

Once you have got it set up and you have got the actual printer sorted, you would then need to plug it in, follow the instructions through, make sure that the printer is hooked to the Internet, because that way when the computer is hooked to the Internet, that way the computer can work out what language it needs to talk to that printer, and download the relevant drivers to actually make it operate properly. Once you have set the printer up, often it will tell you to put a page, a sheet of paper in it, so it just does a test print, so you can see what the prints needed. And once it is all done, you should be all ready to proceed. But just finally, make sure you do read the instructions, because every single printer is different.