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Suitable passwords

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Creating Secure Passwords: Tips and Tools

The Importance of Secure Passwords

Having a secure password is crucial to protect your personal data from unauthorized access.

Generating Secure Passwords

When choosing a password:

  • Opt for Randomness: Avoid predictable patterns like names or dates.
  • Use Password Generators: Tools available online can create complex passwords with random characters.
  • Consider Length: Longer passwords offer greater security.

Storing Passwords Safely

Consider using password manager programs such as Bitwarden or Passpack to securely store complex passwords.

Creating Memorable Passwords

To remember passwords:

  • Employ a System: Use a familiar word or phrase with added elements such as punctuation or capitalization.
  • Utilize Device Features: Take advantage of fingerprint IDs or face recognition on mobile devices.

Ensuring Security

Practice caution when entering passwords:

  • Avoid Public Display: Never write down passwords where they can be accessed by others.
  • Beware of Observers: Be mindful of surroundings when entering passwords in public to prevent unauthorized access.
Learning Outcomes:
  • EDSQ Unit 5 LO 14.1
  • Remote Working LO 1.4.3
  • Remote Working LO 1.3.1
  • Remote Working LO 1.1.4