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Introduction to YouTube

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One of the advantages of having a Gmail account is you have automatically also got a YouTube account. So, if you go over into these dots, if you click the dots, you see it has YouTube. You can also go directly to YouTube and if it asks you to log in, you can log in with your Gmail account. Once you come up, you will see the first time you visit pages, these little blue windows pop up. It just gives you more information. So if you want to know a little bit more, you can hit Learn More. If not, hit the Got It button and you are straight on to it and we are now live on YouTube. Here you can do searches, you can look at some of the videos that were already put on here, some of these are news stories or different things that are popular on YouTube at the minute, or you can go on to the search button and you can enter in there and just put something like pets. And then what you have got here are some adverts at the top for things where you can visit the sites and then popular videos that are showing currently with pets. So it is just a very, very generic word of pets. But if you do want to know something very specific, then you can then add that in as well.

So you could say, "How do I open a Gmail account?" And then what you do then is you get loads and loads of different videos where people have put a video online to find out whether or to tell you how to open up a Gmail account. As you see, there's lots and lots of them on there. So this would be a way of finding information. So while you are learning about essential digital skills, A, you can learn what's on this course, but you can also go on to YouTube and find videos for it. On YouTube, it is not only how to do stuff. You have got other videos where you can find out about a particular company. So, from our side here, this is one of our sites. So, our main YouTube site. You can look on here. Click on. And then what this one does, it starts off with a promo video that tells you about it. And then other video sections on here. So we have got a section on Coronavirus, we have got current videos that are courses that we are doing of all the other different subjects that we are covering within ProTrainings.

If you wanted to watch any one of these individual videos, you can do. You can literally just click on the video and it will tell you different information about the film itself and you just go down here and you can see any comments that people have been left about it. You can like them, you can share them and also find out how many people have watched the film. On the right-hand side of YouTube, it will show you other videos, which are common things that link with it. So you see this particular video here is about COVID-19. But on the right-hand side, there are lots of other videos about COVID-19, but also other videos that the person whose channel it has. So, for example, down here, we have got one on the catastrophic bleeding. It is a video that we have done. So it just gives some ideas. So when you are actually looking at a film that you would like and you wanna watch, it is always worth looking along there to see if there is anything else to gain more information. There are lots of things you can also do with YouTube including setting up your own channel, but we are going to look at that in a separate video.