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Different email providers

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Now, you may well just set up your Google mail email and you are happy with that and that is all you need, but there are different email providers, so we are going to have a little look at some of these different providers and also look at work emails as opposed to the personal emails. Now, with the different providers, we got here, the Google mail one that we have looked in on other videos and this is Microsoft Office's own version, so you can register there for a free account, just literally click the button at the top and that will take you through. Another one is Yahoo, a lot of people have these and the final one we will just quickly look at here is BT Internet.

Now, how they look different, you will see, is the providers. So your Gmail email might well be, whereas if someone is with a provider of Yahoo, for example, it may well be Now, it might be that it is dot com, it is dot or whatever, that does not really matter. The important thing is if you are ever quoting someone's email address, you must get it right. Now, just for you personally, it is probably a good idea to have more than one email because if you ever got locked out of one email, you can set up a second email to then be where your password reset can be sent. Also, for security reasons, it may be your general email you give out to everybody is your Gmail one, but your one with another provider is what you just keep with for your banking or your more secure things, just so that it is another level of protection when you are looking at anything that is financial.

Now, another type of email can be a work type email address. Now, the thing with work email addresses is that is what they are, so they are normally for example. So with the work emails, remember that they are linked with your work, so your work technically can actually access those emails and see those emails. Also, if you left that particular company and move somewhere else if everyone knows you by your work email, they are not going to be able to get a hold of you. So also with the work email, be careful if you are using that to then open up other accounts like these social media accounts and things like that because you do not want to really have your LinkedIn profile linked in with your work email if you are then going to change and move to another company and therefore you cannot then access that email account because it was with your work address. So it may well be, as you get more established on the computers and the internet, you end up with your main email account you give out to all your family and friends, your work email, which is one that your employer has given you and then maybe a more secure second email that you use just for your finances.

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