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When you are using website browsers, quite a lot of data is kept about you and the history of your browsing history while you are using different sites. So some of this data you can change in the settings, but there are times when you may want to view websites or log in to a website and not have anything tracked that is linked in with what you have done previously. So there are two things we are going to look at. One is setting up and what they call an incognito window and the other one is clearing off your browsing history. So to start with, we will just look at clearing off the browsing history.

So we are on Google Chrome here, if we click these dots at the top, you got options down here. And the one we want is the third one down which says New Incognito Window. If we click that, a brand new window comes up, you see all the previous windows that were opened have now vanished and on here are some information of what actually you have done. Now, what this can be useful for is [A] if you just want to search the Internet and you don't want people to know what you're doing, but also, it may be that you are logged in to a website but you want to have a look at it as if you weren't logged in. So this isn't allowing, so if you are already logged into one website, now you will not be logged into on this one, it keeps it completely separate. So within the messaging here, it does say that you can browse privately and other people who use the device won't see your activity. So anything, the website you visit will not be tracked. However, downloads and bookmarks or reading panes will be saved. So if you do download stuff or you add it to your saved items, then that is there. So if you want to look at a website and you don't want other people who use the computer to see it, then this is fine but be careful what else you download.

So it doesn't save information about your browsing history, cookies and site data and information shared or forms, but over here, it does say that your activity might still be visible to people who look at websites that you visit, your employer or school, your internet service provider, so there are... Information is held, but it depends on what type of computer you are working with. This one also, says, Block Third-Party Cookies. This is default turned on. Now, when you are dealing with the cookies, these are things that make the websites function properly, so you might find by doing this, websites don't work as well as they should do. If you do find that, you can just hit the slider switch here and turn that off. We will look at cookies in a separate video.

So what we can do then is... You want to close it. Just go out to the top, hit the X button and it's gone. So that is if you wanted to then view the Internet without people tracking you, but what we have got up at the top here is the dots again. We can hit that, we can go down to Settings and from the Settings side, what we can do is look on the left-hand side, it says Privacy and Settings. If we click that, the very top one on the list is Clear Browsing Data. So if you have got a lot of browsing data and you want people not to see what you have been looking at, hit the button, it's got basic and then we can literally put a tick, it's default with a tick in but if we want to, we can take ticks out of any one of these. Then it says the browsing history of cookies and we can clear that data. Now, if you are clearing things like the cookies, then it may be that websites won't function as well as you have been or they may take longer to load. The browsing history will mean that all history you have had, that you are looking at websites will now be cleared, so it may be that you have to re-type in websites that you visit commonly.

There is also an advanced setting and you can do a little bit more here. You can download... The download history can be cleared and all these other items here. You can also set it to reset passwords and any other saved data. So this is a good way of cleaning up your computer. So if you want to get out of that just hit the cancel button and this is a settings page here, so we can just hit the X at the top and then it gets out of the page completely.

So there are two ways of ensuring that your browsing is safe, in the sense that you can avoid people seeing what you are doing who also use this computer. If you are using shared computers or internet cafes or things like that, you can make these... Pop these windows up and it stops the people who have got the computers from tracking you but also it means you can clear out all the settings and previous websites on your computer. This is a really good thing to do every now and again just to make sure that everything is clear and that there are no people tracking you and all your progress has been cleared, but it will take a while to reset popular websites you visit because you are going to have to type them in rather than pop up automatically for you.

Learning Outcomes:
  • EDSQ Unit 5 LO 13.2
  • Remote Working LO 1.1.4