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Searching on a website for information

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So what we are going to do now is look at other ways you can search for information on a website. Now, on our website, we have got a box at the top, which is a search box, and these searches you will see on different websites, and what you can do is you can put words in there, and what it does is it searches through databases on the website or pages on the website for more information, so on here, if we just type in "Health and Safety", and then we just hit return, what that would do is it will search through the database on the website and it will come up with results, so here, what we have got is different answers, so where can I find information on health and safety, how do I register as a ProTrainings instructor, how to set up, so it is looking on the instructor side and how long is the certificate valid for, so if someone has got an inquiry on that, it and we can look up for more information.

Now, if the results are not there and you have not got the information you want, you may want to just navigate the website more. So there is a course I am looking for, so what I am going to do now is go up to the top here and hit the courses button, because it is likely to be where I am going to find the information I need. So again, down here, there is another search field, so you will see these on different websites and they are there to help you, so here, I have got icons I can look and there is one there directly on health and safety, but if I just put in here, I can just put health in and see what comes up. So just searching through, you can hit "return" or hit the little magnifying glass icon, and then down here on the screen, you will see all the different courses. So you can see there is one here on basic health and safety awareness if that meets my needs, but you can see it has come up with all of the different courses but I used the search word health, which is quite a general term. So if we go back to the courses, we will look in a little bit more detail in one, so if you now can go through to a category, I am on the category for health and safety, it is going to come up with every course within the section on health and safety.

So down here, we can look, there is the courses on abrasive wheels, there is that course again, the Level One Health and Safety course, and then we can just go through, and this is the one, health and safety in the workplace, level two, maybe that is the best course for us. So if we hit the view details, we can find more information about that particular course. So one thing we can do is we can pan down the page and we can look for any information, but if you want to find anything particular or maybe it is a very big page, you can search for words, so maybe you want to know, has this health and safety course got information about RIDDOR in it, so we can just put R-I-D-D-O-R and straight away, it has come up with RIDDOR. So what I did there, which is to get that window to pop up, you can do control or command F and it pops up and you can close it by hitting that little X on the end, so doing that again, command F, the window pops up, we can put RIDDOR in there, and if we then wanted to do another word search word COSHH, and we have got it there.

And it has taken us straight to the part on the website, highlighted in orange where the information is about the contents of the course. So that is pretty much how you can navigate the website. Another way of getting more information from the website is then to directly contact the company, and there are lots of ways websites will have that you can contact them. With this one here, we have got the chat facility, we have got a pop-up where you can get information about finding more information about courses, and that will send a quote request to the company. Also, they will have Contact Us pages and a lot of the contact pages, either they're gonna be at the very top of the screen, or they will be at the very bottom, so you can look it along here, and you can see a little sub-menu on the very bottom, and you can see a button there that says contact us.

Not all websites will look exactly the same as this, but this gives a good idea of what they are, so what we have got here are the FAQs, so the frequently asked questions and these are typical questions that are going to be asked, or I could go along to the left and I can look at the email button and I can send an email directly to that company. I have the tab that says how I can telephone them, I can look at different phone numbers, so if I want to know something about sales, I can phone directly on the sales number or customer support. I can then look at where the physical address is for them, and often websites would also have a Google map pop-up, so in here you can look exactly where the company are, and you can zoom in and zoom out on that map if you are not sure exactly where they are. So if you are looking for a local business, this could be quite useful, but not every business would have this. So once you have got their physical address, you can also do a Google search just on that postcode and then you can find their address using Google Maps or one of the other map software.

So that is another way of gaining information from a website. There are other ways around. We do have other ways of getting more information from websites like blogs, forums and social media and things like that, but we will have a look at those in separate videos.

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