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Backing up a smartphone

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What we are going to do now is look at backing up a smartphone. Now this will work very similar if you are backing up a tablet. Now we are going to use the iPhone here. Now there are lots of other devices out there and they all backup in very, very similar ways. Now, with the backups on these phones, is they typically will backup to different sources so you can back it up to your computer, but the normal with the Apple iPhone would be to back it up to the Cloud and other phone manufacturers work in a very similar way. The backups can happen automatically, so you can set them just to keep automatically backing up and the other advantage of this is, if you change your phone, you can back up your phone and then when you get your new phone, you can literally just connect it back in and transfer all the data over.

In order to actually do a backup, a manual backup, just go onto the screen, hit the Settings, when you get to the Settings, you want to just click on where it says your name and then that will take you to another screen and then you go on to the iCloud setting and from there, just go down in the list and it will say iCloud Backup. So just hit the On button and you will see a button at the top that turns on, which means you can turn it on and off, so if I hit the button here, it will turn it off and if I turn it back on again and once you turn it back on again, it will just take a few seconds just to access the server. What you can then do is see when it was last backed up, you can see this was last backed up yesterday.

Now, if I want to back it up now, then I just hit the Backup button. Now, the reason I will do that, I mean it is obviously backing up all the time, but if I was just about to change this phone, for example, I can hit the Backup Now and then it will run along, it will start backing it up and depending on your internet speed, the amount of information you have got on the phone that needs transferring, this can take a few minutes or quite a few minutes. Just depends on how much time you need to actually physically back it up. Once that has been backed up, if you are then going to swap your phone over, you can then use the Restore feature on the new phone and it will just tell you what to do when you buy a new phone and you can download that data straight back into your phone. So backing up data on a mobile phone is very similar on a tablet and very similar on any of the other tablets and devices that you can buy. So that was backing up on an iPhone, but it is very similar to backing up on Android-type phones or tablets.