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Receiving and sending emails

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Once you have got your email account set up, the next thing is receiving and sending emails. So what we are going to do to start with is look at receiving emails. So you can actually look at an email that you have received. Now, on the screen here, you will see there is two emails. The first one here is a generic one that has been sent out already. So you see that the top one is in bold where it says automated in bold, and this one is not in bold. The one in bold shows that it has not yet to be read. Also on the right-hand side here, you can see there is a number one, it shows there is one unread message. So this message here is just a generic one, when we set up the Gmail account it has already been read. In order to read that email, all I need to do is just click on it and it will open it up. The email message is there, I can see who the message is from, what the message actually is and any other footer they have got on the email there as well.

Now, once I have read that email, I might want to reply to it. Now, along the top here, there are some different icons where you can archive it or you can delete it but on the right-hand side, there is a button there, there is an arrow and it says reply. So if I hit the reply button, then underneath here opens up a little window and I can just write the message here. I will just write: "Thank you for your email." Once I have done it and I am happy with it, I can then just hit send. That will send the email out. It says down the bottom here, message sent. So I can just get rid of that. And when I go back to the inbox, you see both of them now are in lower case, which means they have both been read, and this read box up here, there is no number one next to it. So I know that there are no new emails coming in.

Now, if I want to send an email from scratch, there is a button at top that says Compose. So I can hit the Compose button. A little bubble pops up here and what you can do then is put the email address where you are sending it to. You then put a subject line. The reason for the subject is when an email comes through to somebody, it is very easy for them to actually see what the subject is about. So if you are filtering through lots of emails you can see A, who the person is and B, just the subject line of it. So what we might do here is just put a message, "Can we meet on Friday?" And then in the body of your message, you can say, "Hi, are you free on Friday to meet at the club?" And then we can just write your name there. You see some of it will pop up with suggestions of words as well, this makes it very easy. Similar to a mobile phone where it does predictive text and putting words in. You can turn this on, you can turn it off in the settings.

So once you are happy with the email, we got the email where it has gone to, we got a subject line, we got the body of it. We can also do other things along the bottom here. So we can attach files to it. So if we wanted to send maybe an image of the place that we are meeting, a map where we are going to. You could also do other things. You can do emojis, which is adding little smiley faces and things like that within the message as well. And insert photos if you wanted to add a photo onto it. But with this one, we are just gonna send a basic message. So what we do here is just hit the Send button and again, you see down the bottom left, message sent. So we just get rid of that box by hitting the cross and if you want to check that it has been sent, on the left-hand side here there is a little icon that says Sent Mail, so we click on that and you see here, we got the mail we replied to earlier on, and also the one we have just sent. If we want to read that, we just click on it and the message pops up.

If you got a message and you want to get rid of it, you say I now want to get rid of that message, you can hit the dustbin symbol which deletes it and when you delete something, that is it, it is gone. There is a deleted folders item but ultimately they will be deleted from there. If you just want to archive it away, you can use the archive button there and it stays on your account but it just brings it out of the sent mail items or your inbox, whichever you want. So that is roughly how to do a very basic reply to an email, to read an email and also to compose a brand new email.