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Adding Images to a Document

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Now we have made a basic document. So we are going to use the same document we have already used. Now that document we created, we added a paragraph to it, we underlined the heading, we made the heading bold, we sorted all the spelling outs and we changed some colours on it. So what we are going to do now is first off, we are going to try inserting a picture in. So the first thing we need to do is decide where the picture is going to go. So we need to move the cursor where we want it. So what I'm going to do is just click on here to move it down to the beginning of the if word. Go up here to the insert and then from insert pictures and then you can choose where you want it. So we are going to choose from a file. This will be because there is a picture already saved in our downloads folder. So here, we are going to just click this. And just for the sample, just to test here, we have a picture of a dog. So what we are going to do is highlight that, we can either double click it or just highlight it and hit the word insert. So the picture has been pasted in there, it is full width, so I can either adjust it in the top corner here. So if I take it to the top, I can drag that back down and you see the picture is uniformly changing. I can drag that back. Now it is just really taking the picture where it was.

It might not be exactly the right size. So if you do drag it and you want to take it back, that is where your Command or Control Z comes in. If you push those, it has taken the picture back where it was. The other ones are the vertical and horizontal markers. So you see this one just here on the right, there's another one at the top. And when I drag those, it's actually condensing the picture. So now we have got a very odd shape dog. Now, when we take this back, you can try and guess where it was. Reasonably easy on here, purely because there's a line of text there. But you might not know exactly where you came from. So if you just push Command or Control Z, it puts it exactly back where it was. So the picture is now before you have done any editing. So what I'm going to do here is to go back to the corner, I'm just going to take the size down a little bit because it's a little bit too big for what I want.

So there you see the picture. It's still not that ideal because the picture is there with all this blank text on the right-hand side. So what we can then do is a right mouse click, a little menu pops up, it says wrap text, and these are the options for the wrap text. And wrap text means that the text will go around the picture. So what we can do here is to hit the square button. You see now the picture is much tidier, the text is wrapped around it, which looks a lot, lot tidier. If you hold on it and drag the picture down, you can adjust it. So now we have got one line of text above the picture, and we go a little bit further, there's two and now three. So now we can just adjust it so that the picture is now nice and centrally in the document. The text is all wrapped around it and it just looks a lot, lot tidier where it's at there. Again, once it is in there, if you want to adjust it again, you can go to the corner and just drag it a little bit. And as we do that, you see all the text is just formatting around it nicely.

So you can just adjust it to exactly where you want, maybe two lines above and then we have got the three so lines underneath it. So that's one way of adding a picture and adjusting a picture. There is lots and lots of other things you can do with pictures and formatting them. But what we are doing just in this video, is just look at the basics. So adding a picture in, if you want it to the right, you can have it centrally. You can do all sorts of things with these pictures.