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Once you have got your Gmail account, there are many other features you can have, and you can expand these as you want. A lot of them are free, but if you want to make them work even more, then there would be a small fee you need to pay. The one we are going to look at is Google Drive. It is a form where... An area where you can store information. So the important thing with this is, it's a good way of having Cloud storage. To access it, you can just go to where these dots are on the top of the screen. If you click that, you will see it goes down and Google Drive is there, and then the page will open up.

This is an empty drive, so just for a brand new account. You will see it down here, it will often have a little message pop-up, you can download an app that goes on to your computer, that is for the Mac, so if you want to download that, you can. This means rather than logging into Google Drive, you can access it through the finder on your computer. So here you will see some different areas, so this is my drive, you click this little arrow on the left, opens up. There is nothing there at the minute, but if we wanted to upload a file, what we can do is click on the new, and we will do a file upload, and then we need to select what we want to upload. So if you go along here, let's have a look at the file we want to do, we are going to upload this document here.

If you want to upload multiple documents, then just hit the shift button and you can select two or three or whatever files you want. Then you hit the open button, and down on the right-hand side, you will see this little window has is popped up and it's just uploading. It says it's uploading two documents, it says there are four minutes left. I mean they are reasonable sized documents, so it's taking a while to upload those, and that will just carry on uploading in the background. Once it has been uploaded, you will then be able to see that on the My Drive feature on the left-hand side. So once the document has been uploaded, you will see it here, this is the first one of these documents has that's uploaded now, so it's under the My Drive section.

And what I can do here is I can click on that and I can access the document. It just takes a few seconds to load, because instead of it loading off of your computer, it's now loading off of the cloud. So now this document has come up, and what I can do also if you just hover over into the top right-hand corner, I can hit the download button, I can print it, and also here, I have got other options that I can do, and if I want to then move it somewhere, or I can mark it and other features on this menu. So once you have sent a document, if you want to go back to the drive, just hit the back arrow, and you will see the documents here. You can also move it and create folders and file stuff away, exactly the same as you can on your computer. It may well be you will need to really archive this document onto the cloud, so can could you put it on here, you can delete it off your computer. It's safe, it's secure, but you can only access it when you are connected to the internet.

Learning Outcomes:
  • EDSQ Unit 4 LO 11.4