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Maybe you want to send an email, but you also want to send an attachment. Now, an attachment is an item which goes onto the email itself. So you have the body of the email, but then you might want to attach some pictures, photos of your holiday, some work pictures. You might want to attach a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF document. So what you can do is attach this to the email and be sent to the recipient. Now, there is a maximum file size that you can send by email. And different providers will be different, but the Google mail side is 25 megabytes. Now if you try and send something that is bigger than that, it will... Instead of sending the actual attachment in the email, it will send the person a link, and then they can click that link and download it.

But just be aware that if you are sending big files, then it may be, you are better off using a file transfer service like WeTransfer, which will then send files up to massive sizes directly to the recipient. So in order to actually send an attachment email, what you need to do is go into your mail provider, so here we are using Gmail. Hit Compose, and then along the bottom here, there is a little paper clip icon, which is a general term icon that is used on a lot of them. So it says, "Attach files." So if we just click that, we can then select what type of file we want to attach. So here, we have got a little video here we want to attach, so we should see the video is being attached and it is being uploaded. So on the bottom there, you will see the speed that is being uploaded. So you cannot send the email until that is been uploaded properly. So just, whilst that is doing that, we will have a look at other parts of the email itself.

So before you send it, you need to work out who you are sending it to, so we can send this over to the person we want. Anyway, just put that, point you on that and then put a subject line in. "This is our pet first aid video." And then in here, you also want to just put a body of it. So "Hi. See attached." Now, on the bottom here, you see this has turned to blue. It tells you the size of the file that is being attached, which is 17 megabytes, so it is within the limit that we can send. And the right-hand side is our X button. So if you do not want to send that, you can just hit that X button and that will remove it. Now, I have attached the file there, which is a video file, so we are just going to get rid of that. If I am going to attach something else, so attach a file, here we got a PDF presentation, so we just click on that. And then we can hit open. And there it says, so it says, "Large files must be shared with a Google Drive." So what we can do here, is we can say, "yes," to send that file through, and this is what I said in the beginning where it is sending a link. So this is using Google Drive. And if you want to do that, we can still upload that file, because this file we just tried to upload is around about 200 page PDF document, or we can cancel it.

So I will just cancel that off. And other types of files we can attach that maybe you are trying to send someone a program file. Now these are sometimes quite difficult to send by just directly in an email, because it may well be you are sending something to someone else, and it might be that that gets rejected because the other person's email provider might think it is spam. So be aware of what you are sending, but just pick up. So here we got an example Word document. See that is uploading really, really fast just sitting there. I also want to then go along here, attach another one. We are going to do an example of a spreadsheet, we will pop that on. So both those files are in there, they both turned blue. So just make sure they are fully uploaded before you then send them, and then you could hit the send button to send that email.

Now, the other way you can send attachments is using your mail program on your computer, whether it be Outlook, or here we are using IronMail. So within here, we can hit the button here. We should just create an email itself. Then if we hit the paper clip icon, we can then look at where the folders are. So we want to select on the left-hand side here where we are going, so we are going to put this file that we are after is in our download section. And then we can select where it is, so here downloads folder. We got an example spreadsheet we are going to send, and we can click on the button, as you see is now popped-up on the screen. And that is ready to then send to somebody. So it doesn't matter whether you are using a web-based email system or a application or program-based one on your computer, both of them can send attachments very simply. But just be aware of, once you send that, there is nothing you can do about it. That other person's going to have that. So be make sure that you are sending them the file that you want to send them, you are sending them the correct photos and not other photos that you don't want that person to get.

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