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Updating Windows Operating System

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What we are going to do now is have a look at updating the Windows Operating System and also looking at the settings. If you take your mouse down to the bottom left, to this Windows icon, the start button, click it, and then just up, there is the settings, so just click on Settings. Settings will open up the main Windows settings, and the one we want to look at today is Update Security Settings, so we click on that. After a few seconds, you get this page to open up. So what it is saying is the Windows update, we are up to date, it was last checked at 8:44 this morning. And we can look at what the latest version is, but we can also check for updates now. So if we just click on the button that will take us to what updates are available, so we click on there. It is just going through what updates are there.

While it is doing that, we can just look at these other settings on here. We can pause updates for seven days. It may be you do not want to update the computer for a period of time. You can do that. You can change the active hours. That means it is trying to do all the updates outside those hours because these are during work hours. We can look update history and advanced settings, but you see quite quickly that has come up and it is showing that we are up-to-date, but we have now, the time has changed, that it has been checked at 12:34, so from this morning when it checked to now, there have not been any updates. It is also showing here that we are on Windows 10, and also the version number that we are actually on there, as well. So if we just briefly look down here, if we wanted to pause the updates, we just click on that and it is paused. It says, "Your device will not update" and it would resume here, but what we can do is hit the resume updates and now it comes back, so it is a very quick, easy way of doing it.

The changing the active hours, we can click on that and we can change those settings, as well. It is here from eight until five. If you want to change that, we hit the change button here. And if we want to go back, we can just hit the X button up here, or you can use the back button, so we can just go back here. And then we are back onto the security settings. So that is all the main side of the security settings within the Windows updates. And if we go back onto this page, we are now back on the Windows settings page. So it is always a good idea to, every now and again, check your Windows software operating system is being updated just in case there are any problems, but there will be messages pop up. Or when you turn your computer off or turn it on, you might find it going through the update automatically. So if you do turn your computer on, you might see the system updating and it just updating the software, or if you put it to sleep, it may well do the update at the end of the day.