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Another fun thing you could do with the Google mapping software is Google Earth. And what this will do is it will show you what the area's actually like and what's around. So what you can do is go on the Google search engine to 'Google Earth', so we can then just click the icon here for Google Earth. And the program starts to load.

So what it will do is it will look through. And this is just default area we were at last time, so if you just hit the search button. And then from here, we can then just type in what you want to see. I just got here, Buckingham Palace, so it's already come up as a place on here, so we are going to click that. And then what will happen, it will give some information on the right-hand side, it switches out and it goes right the way down. And then you can now see the mow. And the whole of Buckingham Palace on the map and get a view of exactly what it is, what the roads are to it, all the other locations around there.

You see the map also highlights other areas so you can see different areas around it that might be useful for you, so if you are looking at planning to visit Buckingham Palace, you can have a good idea what it looks like, what's around. And also on the right-hand side here, you want more information about it, click on this icon here. And it will give you more information on Buckingham Palace.

So if you are looking at Buckingham Palace here, but you want to go somewhere else, so let's look at here in the search box, we are going to delete Buckingham Palace. And then we are going to... Looking at the Sydney Opera House. So I have got Sydney Opera House in Australia, so we click on that. You will see it will come out. It goes right out and it will go all the way around the planet, right the way over to the East Coast. And you will see it's now gone straight through, you can see exactly what Sydney Opera House looks like. And again, on the right-hand side, you can see more information about it. And also you can add to a project, so if you are looking at planning a trip, you can come up with more information about it. And you can see what's there, so if you just click the More Info button, you will see then all information about the Sydney Opera House. And also a map of exactly where it is. What you can do with the map is click on the map. And now you have got yourself a detailed map of the area that you are going to visit, see all the roads, the bits and pieces.

So with Google Earth, it's a great way of planning your holiday, it's a great way of finding information about stuff. Just go on there, have a play with it. And you can see all sorts of exciting places around the world.