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Downloading documents

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The one thing you may want to do is go to a website and actually download a document onto your computer. So there is two key ways of doing this. When we go here, we are going onto a website and you see there is a document here and this is a particular document on the qualification. So if we click on that, it will open up another page and here is the document. So this is a PDF document, it is all the information about this particular qualification and we want to download it. So what we can do, is we can go to the top here on this little arrow button on which it says download. So if we just click on that, it will come up with what do we want to call that and where do you want to put it. So if we want to put this onto the desktop of the computer and we wanna have that, the file name or we can change it. So we just have here, we will just call this Test Download and we now put it onto the desktop instead of the download area or we can put it in the interim folder if we wanted to and then we just click save and see the bottom left-hand side there that will save the document and it is on the desktop. So if we just go down here, we will be going to the finder, we can go onto this page here and look at the desktop and there it is Test Download.

Now, another way of downloading information would be if we wanted to look at this page here and we wanted just to download the entire website. So what we can do on the page of the website, is going to the top and hit the file button. File, we go to Print. Now we are not going to physically print this onto a piece of paper. As you can see there, there is a document on the left-hand side. If you go to the destination and where it says, there is a printer, if we just click on that, it says Save as a PDF Document. So we will click on Save as PDF, change the settings around and we can also, here if we want to change it, we can look at having individual pages or just odd or even pages. So here, maybe we wanna do customized and we are just going to have one to five, so we just want to print pages one to five. And then at the bottom, we just go to save and that's come up with the same setting, so here we have got the title, which is defaulted on there. So we are just going to call this Test to save to on the desktop and again, if we wanted to move that and put it into Downloads, we will click the Downloads button, hit save and that has taken that whole folder and that has put that into the Download section of our computer.

So we have got it there, ready. So you can see the Test save too. So there are two ways of downloading a document from a website one is to just literally download it if the document is available on that website. If not, you can then just download it on individual pages or the first half of it. So if you are doing the entire page on a website, it may well be that when you look at the preview, you only want page one or you only want page two 'cause page three and four is just the base part of the website. So you can select that and just print off or save exactly what you want.

Learning Outcomes:
  • EDSQ Unit 4 LO 11.4