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Setting up a FaceBook account

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What we are going to do now is look at how to set up a Facebook account. Now, Facebook has come along massively over the years, pretty much everybody has got a Facebook account. It is a great way of communicating with family and friends and also keeping track of people that you have met years and years ago and they have got an account, so you can link your accounts up very, very simply.

So what we do to start with, we go to, so literally just type in your Google search bar, You will get this message come up, Cookie accepts, just accept the cookies. And what you do here, if you have already got a Facebook account, you would put your details in here. We have not got one, so we are going to click on this button, which is to create a new account.

So here we can just write the name, so we have got Fred, surname Jones, we are then going to look at a mobile number, and email address. So in this example, we are going to put the one we have already created, which is We then need to create a password for it. So just set your password remembering you want to have a good password and you can see there, what it has done, it has actually, because we are now logged into Google, it has actually can suggest a password, so you can create a password that is really strong. But what we are going to do here is we are going to put a new one in ourselves, so we would just type it in.

So once we have done that, we then need to put a date of birth. This is used for tracking purposes and also so that Facebook knows what age group, just looking at different content for different ages. So here we are just going to put the date of birth 1st of January and we are going to change this down here, just click on it and what menu pops up. So we are just going to change that over, we are going to look at through 1990, then just pop on here, your gender and you hit the sign up button.

So what that would do is it would just process for a little bit, if there are any errors you have made on the form, it will come up in red and you will see that you have made an error, but after it is done its initial processing. And this really why it is doing that is checking out exactly what accounts are there and make sure it is not a duplicate email or things like that.

Now, you see on the right-hand side here, this has set up a save password feature. Now, this is because we are logged in on Google Chrome. So this is a password saver. So in earlier videos, we talked about saving passwords and this is a good example of it. So what we can do now is our password and details for Facebook, we can save, submitting them here, we are okay with that. And we can say, yes, we want to auto-fill passwords, but then you would need to enter your password in here to confirm. Then we are going to save that. And now that will save that password in our Google Chrome browser. So once you have logged into Google Chrome and then your passwords are accessed, the important thing here is, is you need to obviously make sure your computer is safe because people would have access.

So it is asking for a code. Now, this is the code that has been sent to your email. So what this do, is it is sending an email out to your email address, with coding to make sure that email is genuine. So we are going to switch back now to our email account, you see here is the code, so it is in here, it says complete and I confirm it. So what we do is hit the button that says confirm the account. This will take a few seconds just to process because it has just got to go through and make sure that this is all genuine.

Now, another little pop-up has come up, these are pop-ups to allow notifications. And so if you have got a Facebook account, and you want to have notifications pop up, then it is a good idea to allow them. You do not have to have them if you do not want them to block them. This would be if someone has left a post or a notification, you get a little pop-up window in the corner view of your computer. So if you are using Facebook, a pretty good idea to have that. You can always turn it off later on.

So this is the main page for Facebook. The account is set up, we need to add some bits and pieces to it. So what we can do here is click here and we can add a picture, we can find people we know, so you can just put their name in and try and find them from there. You can learn more about privacy, obviously, with anything like social media or Facebook, you need to be careful with privacy, you need to know where information is shared. So if you want a page for Facebook, you want to let anybody in the world see your page, you can set that, but also you can set that only your friends can see your page. So it is definitely worth learning more about the privacy side there.

Otherwise, the next sort of stage is really to start setting up your Facebook page. So what we have done then is just clicked on the link, here is that the live page now, it does not have a photo with it, it does not have the banner at the back, it does not have a lot of information on it, what we can then do is start to work on setting up the information on our Facebook page.